Cristy Gosset


March 6, 2024

Contact: AJ Graffeo, Director of Communications

Putnam City Schools Announces 2024 District Teacher of the Year

Putnam City Schools is thrilled to announce the recipient of the prestigious District Teacher of the Year

award for 2024. Following a detailed selection process, Cristy Gosset, choir teacher at Mayfield Middle School, has

been named District Teacher of the Year.

With a career dedicated to inspiring students and enriching their educational experience through the arts,

Mrs. Gosset exemplifies the commitment to excellence that defines the educators within our District and our state.

Mrs. Gosset has demonstrated remarkable innovation in the classroom utilizing a holistic approach that implements

creative teaching methods to engage students inside and outside of her classroom- extending their abilities and

understanding to all subjects. Her ability to connect with students on a personal level and create a meaningful and

supportive atmosphere has left a lasting impact on the lives of countless students.

“The Teacher of the Year selection process is one of special significance as each Site Teacher of the Year is

chosen by their peers – the individuals who work tirelessly alongside them every day,” said Superintendent Dr.

Rhodes. “There is no greater honor than to be recognized by those who understand firsthand the challenges and

triumphs of the teaching profession.” The Site Teachers of the Year then submit applications and multiple essays

that are narrowed down to the Top 5 for the District. The Top 5 undergo multiple interviews with selection

committees that ultimately choose the District Teacher of the Year. As District Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Gosset will

serve as an ambassador for Putnam City Schools and public education, representing the District’s bold values of

excellence, empowerment, and innovation. She will also go on to apply and compete for the highly-coveted State

Teacher of the Year title.